Harmonising health, living and being:

guiding you through transition and change.

Jennifer offers a multi-faceted approach to your health and life issues. Physical illness, stress, infertility, allergies, depression and menopause are just a few of the problems that clients seek help with. Her aim is for you to enjoy the very best of health, living and being.



Attain optimal health with increased vitality and feelings of wellbeing.

Human Design

Human Design

Rediscover who you are and how to get the best from your life.

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Health is a large word. It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well...  (James H. West)

…for each one of us there is a desert to travel, a star to discover, and a better being within our selves to bring to light. (Unknown)

Jennifer Walker

Jennifer is a Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, guide and mentor, based in Hong Kong, with a multi-cultural and international clientele.

A former nurse, Jennifer gained her qualifications in New Zealand in 1996. Further examinations followed for registration with the NZ Natural Health Practitioners’ Accreditation Board as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist.

Her interest in the mental and emotional aspects of health took her to the USA in 1999 to obtain her Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy, then to the UK to complete her training in Ericksonian Hypnosis. This was followed by instruction in the spiritual and energetic aspects of wellbeing and Human Design analysis.

Jennifer was featured on CNN Asia and was a regular guest on RTHK’s “Health Matters” programme and has contributed to a wide variety of publications.

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M.B. Australia

You have been such a help to my family and to me all these years and have always been there for all of us in times of crisis and illness – always smiling, helpful, understanding and always so professional. With love and grateful thanks.

A.F. Hong Kong

I’m pregnant! First cycle after the detox, a complete shot in the dark (since I was travelling 3 out of 4 weeks, with my mother-in-law visiting in between!) So, I am totally amazed and impressed with the power of the detox that I have been on, and I really want to thank you.