COUNSELLING/MENTORING – how it can help you.

Jennifer has worked closely with people for more than 30 years. She considers it a privilege to have been there during the pain, depression, drama, fears, tears, heartbreak and joy, and assisting with birth and dying – all of which has enabled her to gain extraordinary wisdom regarding what it is to be a human being. Combined with that she has had the ‘pleasure’ of her own, often very challenging experiences from which to gain even more understanding and wisdom. Human Design, NLP, energetic and spiritual work have proven invaluable tools to accompany this wisdom.

Life is full of challenges and difficulties and can at times be overwhelming. Jennifer is extremely skilled at helping clients gain clarity and understanding about themselves, their concerns and their lives.

Feeling lost, lonely, confused, unseen, stressed or misunderstood can cause a disconnection from hopes and dreams, and negatively affect our work and relationships. Not being able to see a way forward or gain clarity can lead to chronic feelings of anxiety, desperation and/or serious depression.

In these sessions, the emphasis is on helping you move forward in a way that is healthy and fulfilling and reconnects you to your dreams, loved ones and Life itself.

Mentoring/coaching towards ‘Personal Empowerment’

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell

This is some of Jennifer’s favourite work because it’s so fulfilling to see people break through barriers of limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Letting go of old habits, beliefs and ways of looking at ourselves, the world and our interaction with it takes conscious work and time. To integrate the necessary changes fully into all of who you are and have that become the new norm takes practice. The saying ‘old habits die hard’ is very true.

Whether you want to stop negative behaviours, improve your health or change your dietary habits, relationships, career or lifestyle, it is beneficial to work with a professional who can guide and mentor you to your desired outcomes.

Counselling and your health

Even if your main concerns are physical, your feelings, worries and concerns will all have a substantial impact upon your physical and mental wellbeing and ability to heal, which is why, in your sessions, time to discuss these is factored in.

Your sessions are aimed at assisting you to find clarity, understanding and the gain the ability to move through any difficulties to total wellbeing.


“I can never thank you enough for all that you did for me – you were truly wonderful and helped me find a path through a terrible frightening dark mass.”

S.S. Hong Kong