Feel Well – Be Well


Getting back on track

Losing our good health and vitality can occur insidiously as the dramas and busy-ness of life keep us preoccupied; and we can also develop or fall back into ways of living, eating and drinking that diminish rather than improve our wellbeing – on every level.

Although we’d all love to be able to just wave a magic wand and instantly feel better and be slimmer, we all know that there is no magic wand; that sustainable change takes time, as does the formation of new, healthy and vitalising habits.

Take a moment to consider… are you:

feeling tired and sluggish
unable to start the day without caffeine
drinking alcohol daily or binge drinking
craving or eating more sugary and starchy foods
apathetic about cooking and frequently resorting to takeaways
having mood swings or feeling depressed
feeling generally unhealthy
not sleeping
feeling stressed
feeling unhappy
With today’s demanding lifestyles there is also a real need to address the mental and emotional aspects of wellbeing alongside the nutrition and this is where a comprehensive approach works extremely well.

Stress, loneliness, depression, relationships (good and bad), constantly eating out and social pressure are all contributors not only to our weight woes, but also sub-optimal health.

It’s not always easy to know how to get back on track by yourself and that which is why in these programmes, you’ll have weekly hour-long, one-to- one sessions (via Skype or phone) with Jennifer, who not only provides you with the ways to get back and stay on track, but also  invaluable support throughout.

Your personalised programme, will allow you to:

·       establish long-term health- promoting habits and relationships with food

·       have a healthy, well functioning body and mind

·       look wonderful and feel good about yourself

·       feel more stable emotionally

·       feel clear headed, energetic, vital and full of life

·       have improved digestion and elimination

·       establish a foundation of good health from cellular level


You do not need to be unwell to come and see Jennifer. Life and circumstances for all of us are constantly changing on every level, so because it is a wellness focussed practise, both men and women, recognising the importance of staying healthy physically, mentally and emotionally, regularly come to review, renew and recalibrate.


“Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it.”

Bella Bleue


The next step:

Click here to contact Jennifer to arrange a short friendly discussion about your concerns and what you want to achieve. This will enable her to clearly understand how she can help and support you to enjoy the best of good health and well-being with a carefully tailored programme just for you and your needs;  taking into account your age, gender, any pre-existing health issues, culture, spiritual beliefs and lifestyle.