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Human Design may appear to be an odd choice of modality for a naturopath to add to her ‘toolbox’, but as Jennifer says, she’s long past being phased by anything termed odd or weird. The only questions she asks herself are: does this ‘feel’ right to me, and, can this help me help others in a positive and healthy way?

She has found that Human Design offers the means to do just that, and in a very accurate and non-judgmental way. When we have clarity and understanding about ourselves and what makes us tick, we can live each day consciously – in the truth of who we are.

HD Mandala

These sessions will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will transform the way you see yourself, your life and your relationships.

From the time we are born, very few of us will escape conditioning by family, teachers, society and circumstance, which is why, years later we can find ourselves unsure about the lives we’re leading and unsure of who we actually are – perhaps a feeling of ‘something is missing.’

Your Human Design blueprint contains the information of how you are designed to be, including information on your strengths, gifts, vulnerabilities and how your energy flows; how stress will affect you – where your pressure points are; how your mind, emotions and intuition impact you, how you will be affected by others and vice versa.

And very importantly, it gives you a strategy that enables you to make better decisions and your life journey more harmonious.

How can it help you?

1. As the starting point for specific issues and counselling sessions.. If you feel stuck in a rut – maybe your life or an aspect of it isn’t working for you – again!

3. For couples wanting to really know themselves and each other before marriage.

4. For parents wanting to truly understand their children and guide them wisely.

5. If you’d like to know who you are, not who others say you should be.

6. To resolve relationship problems by going beyond ego and competition.

7. To discover how to make the best of yourself in any situation.

Human Design can also help you really see and understand others, improving relationships, friendships, parenting, social and work interactions.


It can take a little practise to get used to ‘Simply Being’ yourself, so in follow-up sessions we go into the practical application of your Human Design, also looking at any behaviours, beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve you. And we have a bit of fun along the way!

Once you can identify the differences between the conditioning and who you actually are, you can begin to move forwards in your life, growing and transforming at a personal level, improving your relationships with others and the world at large.

Be yourself; then with all your heart let your light shine.


“Jennifer’s Human Design session was just wonderful! Not only was it insightful and incredibly accurate, it was empowering.
Instead of hearing what may happen in the future, I learnt about who I am, and in learning this I now have a very strong sense of what I actually want my future to be – a future in which I am being myself and working in accordance with who I am!
And with Jennifer’s continuing guidance I am powering towards this future, bubbling over with excitement and joy!”

H.C. Singapore

“It was amazing and better than any reading I’ve ever had, because it really explained Me and how to live happily as Me. I now have a much greater understanding of who I am.”

H.S. Hong Kong

“Since the session I feel happy and that somehow a huge weight has been lifted from me. For the first time in my life (I am now 52) I feel that I am OK to be myself.”

W.Y. Australia

“We both fully appreciate that even if we’d been to years of counselling, we would never have come to this clarity in understanding ourselves and each other. Our relationship has improved hugely because of this deeper understanding the sessions gave us, which gives us the confidence to be ourselves and appreciate our own and each other’s strengths.”

R.M. and N.G. Hong Kong

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