“I go to Nature to be soothed and healed and have my senses put in order”  –  John Burroughs

Naturopathy (or nature cure) has its origins and roots in the wisdoms of Ancient Greece, where more than 2000 years ago it was appreciated that the body has an innate ability to heal itself when supported by a healthy, natural environment and conditions –  fresh air, clean water, sunlight, clean natural food, quiet, sufficient rest, sleep and exercise.

Modern naturopaths could be described as the GP’s of natural therapies, as they are health professionals trained in many facets of natural medicine, including nutrition, herbal medicine, behavioural science, homeopathy and energy remedies. Many are inclined to later develop their specific specialisations, using any combination of these or allied therapies as their preferred treatments.  They are also trained in differential diagnosis, anatomy and physiology and pathogenesis.

Naturopathy is effective  for both acute and chronic health conditions, which can range from colds, flu and ear infections through to arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, infertility and IBS.

While natural remedies are used to support your own healing processes, it’s also important to help and encourage you to make lifestyle changes and decisions to attain and maintain the best possible health for the long-term. Then, because when you know how to stay well, the need for any medical drugs and procedures in the future is most probably markedly reduced.

You do not need to be unwell to come and see Jennifer. Life and circumstances for all of us are constantly changing on every level, so because it is a wellness focussed practise, many clients, recognising the importance of staying healthy physically, mentally and emotionally, visit regularly to review their circumstances and treatments.


Consultations are friendly and unhurried, and you can be assured of absolute confidentiality.

Your concerns are fully discussed to enable Jennifer to build a full picture of you and your issues. For health related visits the only physical examinations that are involved are iridology (examination of the iris of the eye), fingernails and tongue.

If you live outside of Hong Kong, the consultations take place by Skype or telephone and are conducted just as if you were in the clinic.  These distance consultations work very well and you can be assured that you are truly supported throughout.