Therapeutic Nutrition

Including: Allergies, Detoxification and Weight Management


“Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food”.

These wise words written by Hippocrates, date from 400BC and are as old as naturopathy itself, which has its roots in ancient Greece. Therapeutic nutrition is an integral part of all treatments.  Individualised and delicious dietary programmes taking into account all aspects of your health, culture, spiritual beliefs and lifestyle, are one of Jennifer’s specialties.

The nutritional programmes include good quality supplements which are an essential part of modern naturopathic treatments, and are frequently used as medicines. Most modern diets leave a lot to be desired (for a variety of reasons), andunfortunately many modern farming methods mean that our foods are not providing all the nutrients we need, and in fact, if not organic actually add a toxic load. Supplemented nutrients can greatly improve our health from a biocellular level.

Food Allergies and intolerances (masked allergies)

Sometimes in consultation Jennifer will see that food allergies/intolerances may be causing some of your problems. As the signs and symptoms of food allergy are many and varied, most people don’t realise that it’s not only the physical that can be affected by problem foods – our minds and emotions are too.

The types of food allergies or intolerances she deals with are not those causing the life-threatening anaphylactic reaction. But although not life-threatening, allergies or food intolerances can cause severe health problems or be implicated in certain diseases, and it is important to take the time to sort the problems out for improved long term health.

Therefore, if it is suspected that there may be a food allergy aspect to your health problems, a test will be arranged to identify the culprits and the treatment programme is then formulated based upon the test results with the aim of getting you back onto a full and varied diet within a few months.

Unfortunately, often found in conjunction with food allergens are environmental intolerances, but as it is not possible to live in a chemical-free world, we need to continually work on reducing the toxic load in our own environments as much as possible.

By avoiding problem foods and strengthening and improving both immune and digestive health, optimal health can be regained.

Detoxification & Cleansing

The detoxification process is a natural part of the body’s physiological 24 hour cycle, being more active at night while we sleep; and, in an ideal world, we would not need to give it any further thought.

But very few of us eat an ideal diet, and this, combined with increasingly high intakes of alcohol, caffeine, sugar etc, and exposure to a  cocktail of chemicals in our water, foodstuffs and environment means that our natural detoxification pathways become overwhelmed and blocked.

As a result toxins accumulate in the body and brain, which may leave us feeling sluggish, constantly tired, unable to concentrate, emotionally all over the place, maybe a bit depressed, and with a whole list of niggling complaints such as digestive/bowel problems, rashes or headaches. If left unchecked we are open to even more serious health problems and degenerative diseases.

Jennifer usually begins most treatments with a food-based cleansing programme and it’s very interesting how many complaints can have resolved after a cleanse. It’s also a great way to break unhealthy eating habits and reconnect with tasty, energising real food.

Weight Management

If you’re having problems with being either over or under weight you will also know that it is always so much more than just about the food.  It’s as much an emotional or lifestyle problem as it is a weight issue. Stress, loneliness, depression, constantly eating out and social pressure are all contributors to our weight woes. Food and feelings are intertwined in a very powerful relationship.

As with all our relationships, the one we have with food can either be nourishing or damaging. We need to eat in order not only to live, but also to live well – and it’s to be enjoyed.

Jennifer sees both men and women with emotional and lifestyle components to their weight concerns. She believes that taking the time to identify all the triggers and beliefs is mutually beneficial, so that you can work together on those as well as the nutritional part of your weight loss/gain plan.

She also believes in getting back to basics and eating real food, so you will be given customised dietary programmes that take into account your situation and lifestyle and are aimed at not only dealing with the weight issue, but also improving overall health and wellbeing.