Love and nice thoughts from A. Hong Kong

I was meant to call you the Saturday before I went on holiday, as I had seen you about a bad spell of laryngitis. I’ve finally found the time to let you know that the herbs you gave me did the trick and I had the fastest recovery ever. I had my voice back in 3 days (it’s usually up to 2 weeks), so thanks a million for making my holiday a happy one.
Take care,

A.F. Hong Kong

I’m pregnant! First cycle after the detox, a complete shot in the dark (since I was travelling 3 out of 4 weeks, with my mother-in-law visiting in between!) So, I am totally amazed and impressed with the power of the detox that I have been on, and I really want to thank you.

Best wishes from C. B. England

Last year I reached desperation point, really unhappy with my job and where I was and feeling the need to escape it, but I didn’t think I could However, I knew staying made no sense to me any more. It was really useful to me to have even that short time to sit down and tell this to someone (it helped that they seemed older and wiser than me).  Our discussion got me further thinking on my own and I realised that I was wasting my life so I resigned, and now I am taking time out to give some other things a go, and to see where they lead me. I have not felt so light and free and exhilarated in a long time. It’s an amazing feeling and the best validation for what I had done. I’m really excited about the future, but also really glad for the lessons I have learned so far, which I believe will help guide me in the right direction for the future. So – thank you very much Jennifer for helping me see the light.

A.S. Hong Kong

Thank you for your wonderful support and for helping us grow such a lovely and healthy baby!

S.B. Hong Kong

H…… is very happy and is absolutely delightful! Another wonderful naturopathic baby. The midwife is very impressed with him; he has beautiful skin, holds himself like a much older baby and is very content and settled. He is even beginning to smile. I would like to say thanks for all your fantastic help as through you I have had two wonderful pregnancies and two beautiful children.


How can I ever thank you for everything you have done for me. You have shown me the entire world and empowered me to believe that I am unique and worthwhile.
You have been my teacher, my guide and my angel. Never forget what a truly amazing woman you are! Thank you so very much.

H. V. Hong Kong

I am emailing you to say a big thank you!
Thank you for working your magic on me yesterday. I felt so much better after talking to you and getting your advice; as I said it was like the hole was being filled up with something so meaningful. You do have a special gift in making people feel good about themselves and that is so rare and so precious. You offer a special kind of nurturing for people like me who are feeling stressed, disconnected, alone etc. Nurturing for body, mind and soul – that’s what I see with you.


You are one of the finest healers I have ever met and your GIFTS are for the world.

M.B. Australia

You have been such a help to my family and to me all these years and have always been there for all of us in times of crisis and illness – always smiling, helpful, understanding and always so professional. With love and grateful thanks.

S.A. India

You played an incredible role in my healing and recovery.  I feel very fortunate to have received your care!  thank you!

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